Thursday, 8 March 2012

Progress Checklist - Week 0

What we aim to complete :
-Deciding on roles
-Deciding on tasks
-Deciding on 12 events
-Deciding on timeline

What we have completed:
-Deciding on roles
    -Beatrice Pamittan (leader)
    -Cloie Capanzana (Blog Administrator)
    -Brandon Lim (Recorder)
    -Harman Singh (Artist)
    -Ho Cheong Wei (Presenter)
-Deciding on Task
        Why ?
               -Easier to get resources and information.
               -New learning experience as we have tried making scrapbooks before
               - Wanted to challenge ourselves to convert this novel into a storybook that will appeal to young        b                 children
-Deciding on 12 events

Our chosen task is to turn 'When My Name Was Keoko' into a children's picture book.

The 12 events we are considering to use:
-The Change Of Their Names
-Uncle Beatened Up
-The Metal Raid
-The Bike Being Taken Away
-Uncle Left
-Taeyul Joining The Army(Ait Strip)
-Papers Dropped By The Americans through Aeroplanes
-Taeyul Joining The Kamikaze
-The Coming Of The Americans
-The Return Of Taeyul

What we have not completed:
-Deciding on the Timeline (Planning week 2-4)
-Choosing the last 2 events

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